I am 35 years old and the father of 1 child. Last year, 2017, in October I was released from a hospital in Baltimore Maryland having been severely injured from 3 gunshot wounds. My family helped me and I was transported from Maryland to Georgia. I’ve been in Georgia ever since that time…not wanting to ‘ever’ look back on the negative life style I once lived.

Once I got back on my feet, ever in pain(I was refused medicaid, and thus, the only pain-killer that works for the chronic pain that I now live with
due to my serious injuries, oxycontin. I don’t want to use over the counter pain killers because I will have to over-medicate, which still won’t completely alleviate the pain and will, over time, ruin my liver)I did what I had to do. Please understand, I am not complaining, I didn’t expect it to be easy so, I did what I had never done before…got a 9-5 job. I took menial labor jobs, first; because, despite the constant physical pain, I like this type of work. I am a ‘blue-collar’ guy and second; because that’s what I qualified for with no experience. I accepted it because, no matter what, I did not want to go back to jail…ever!!!

In Georgia I am exposed to a positive environment. My younger sister and family work and I’ve never gone back up North, not even for my older sister’s wedding in Virginia, in May of 2018.

However, ironically, someone committed 2 counts of assault in Baltimore, Md in April, 2018 and used my Identify(my name, my date of birth)and whoever it was didn’t follow-up on their court date. A warrant was issued for my arrest for 2 counts of assault. As a results of this blemish on my record, a better job with better hours and more pay was denied me due to this grievous Warrant. And, I am in jail now, here in Georgia, waiting to be picked up by Maryland Law, on a Serious Assault Charge because of an Identity Theft! I did nothing! I am not guilty!

I am feeling this injustice…I am totally innocent of all charges, but I’m…Doing Time !

But, unfortunately, my family has not the funds to pursue the legal assistance that is needed to clear this ‘gross error’ up. I have the positive proof of a pay-stub to ascertain my innocence(and a photo…the comparison of the person’s mug shots & fingerprints will prove it wasn’t me) but numerous Phone calls to Maryland to bring the problem to the attention of the proper authorities are not responded to, or if so, none knows what I’m talking about and can’t help…they say. And here I am once again…looking at the bars and the concrete and the controlling authority! And the ‘past’ that I never wanted to experience again is repeating itself, without any help from me and it is…Eating Me Up Alive!

Please donate to help me get an attorney…the legal intervention so needed in order that I can continue to make this positive turn-around that has been in process…for the first time…in my life! Please help, me…Please! I am thanking you for whatever you can give.

NOTE; ADDED 9/10/2018)
It should be noted that as of 9/5/2018 Asa was picked up by Maryland, Department of Corrections and taken to MD where it has now been revealed that a past female acquaintance of Asa’s deliberately filed a false report against him, angry because of a break-up that happened over a year ago. Asa is presently in jail awaiting trial on completely false charges. He has the evidence to prove his innocence(a pay stub)but we need legal counsel.

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