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My grandkids were taken from their mom by her ex GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

My daughter and her fiance recently broke up while living in Oregon. He wanted to go back to North Dakota. After much arguing she agreed to let him take their twin 2 year old daughters with him. He provided flight information for going to North Dakota and the return trip a week later. It turns out he never purchased return tickets. When they didn’t return I bought tickets for flying my daughter and her mom to North Dakota on Saturday and return tickets for all of them on Sunday (today). The cost for this was using what little savings I had and not repairing our truck I have nothing left. Her only option to ever she her daughters again is to use our court system to get them back. He says she must move back to North Dakota if she wants to see them again. An attorney’s retainer is 2000 which we desperately need to get things started ASAP. Once court orders their return we need at least 2000 more for airfare and expenses to get them.

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