Need a PC to start a Company GoFundME Campaign

Hey there stranger! Thanks for taking the time to read this here little blurb. For those who care about the details, I badly need a new computer, My laptop is 4 years old, and has trouble running word, or chrome. And if you choose to donate a little bit, I greatly appreciate it! But for those in need of a longer reason, I grant you some context: I’ve recently started working on a project that I would like to turn into a company.

I’m working carefully with hundreds of content creators to create a functional marketplace to help kids learning to code, and create other content, such as graphics, music, and what not to earn money with their talents in a production like environment, while helping them grow their skills and their enjoyment for what they do. This is a massive project, and requires alot of funding, development, and graphic design.

Due to my lack of funds, I am doing alot of that development and design on my own. I do excellent vector and raster art, and web front and backend development. I made the banner image for this campaign! But my computer cant keep up.

Running photoshop, illustrator, or even atom takes hours to do trivial tasks. I am really passionate about my project, and will make sure it happens to the best of my ability, and I don’t expect people to fund that, but I do know that there are alot of people out there that are significantly better off then I am, and have the finances to help make dreams like that come true, so I create this campaign to implore those people to help me raise enough money to buy a pc that will enable me to create a better end product for the kids and young adults I’m working with to make this happen. While anything decent is worth it, i would also like to take advantage of this to get something truly worth while that will last me a long time. So the budget for this is variable.

No matter how much is made, it will all go towards a new computer, and the more I get, the better. Its okay to be a little selfish occasionally.

I appreciate you taking the time to read the full story. And I love you all. <3


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