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Almost 3 yrs ago, on June 7th, a local family was torn apart by a drunk driver.
He was captured on video , by State Troopers, and witnesses made testimony stating he was the driver but, somehow, he is walking the streets, living his life, while this family has had to endure surgeries and medical and financial hardships and will be homeless in the next two weeks because the red tape and the wheels of government have victimized them all over again, along with political corruption and collusion that needs to be investigated.

They are selling off all of their belongings and the two little girls will lose the only place they have known as home. Mom is disabled with Lyme disease and injuries suffered in the accident, dad also has Lyme and one surgery has left him worse off than before.

Physical Therapy is long and painful and will continue until they can function again.
It will be another year, or so he’s been told, maybe even longer, that the SSA will look at his case.

They were doing everything right, making a living, trying to get ahead in life, and in a matter of minutes, a really, really, drunk driver took that all away.

Their extended family has helped to the max but the well is now dry and some of them are also selling their belongings just to get them food, utilities and rent.

Where is the justice in any of this? It tells me that if you have money and know the judge, you get a free pass. But, what happens to this family in the meantime? They have lost everything except their faith! Amazing Grace!

When they were on their way to pick up their car, in another state where dad had to work temporarily, they never expected the worse would happen and their lives that they strived so hard to build, would never be the same.

The drunk driver was so drunk that he drove up the empty car trailer they were towing and land on top of the gas tank, causing it to explode.
The drunk driver then proceeded to push them towards the retaining wall that keeps one from landing in the river below, plowed into the tour bus of the Christian rock group Shenandoah and finally stopped.

The victims were trapped in the cab as flames filled the back seat and the passenger side seat belt locked.
Her husband was able to get out and go around and cut it off and pull her to safety.

The State Troopers were on the scene in minutes and the videotape started rolling.
They knew this was serious.

The young couple were taken to the nearest ER and evaluated.
All they could think about were the two little twins they had left behind with Grandma.

They were told they could be released as soon as their vitals stabilized but would have to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Not once did the hospital consider doing any type of X-rays, MRI’s or any other type of tests to determine the true extent of their injuries.

Shame on them, but they sure did bill the victims very fast for services “not” rendered! Dad’s neck was fractured along with his ribs and his lower spine had damage.

Neck surgery failed due to a driver two weeks later that sideswiped him and loosened the pins in his neck.
Mom has sustained permanent lasting injuries to her lower discs which will also require surgery very soon.

She now walks with a limp and can’t remember things due to her head hitting the side window.
The little girls know about these things but they don’t realize they will be homeless by June 1st.

There is zero income and very little left to sell for very little money- not enough to even pay a utility bill, let alone rent.

They do not want anyone knowing about this because they have too much pride and believe that their faith will help them deal with whatever comes their way.

I could only wish I had such an outlook but it is not real.

I am trying to keep them from being homeless at least until the SSA hearing for dad.


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