Sudden Heart Attack – Need Help Pls


Thanks for taking the time to read. My name is Bob & I live in Brisbane, Australia….i am 47yo & have a wonderful wife and young son. I live fairly healthy and don’t drink, smoke etc & have not had any major illnesses & only one hospitalization for a shoulder operation a decade ago.


A few weeks ago in Jul 18 I suffered about a week of chestpain which I thought was just reflux.  It kept getting worse and the shortness of breath led me to my GP.  I had a few scans which showed a blocked artery to the heart which floored me given my age and reasonable health.  I admitted myself straight to the hospital & they advised I had a minor heart attack which if left any longer could of been fatal. Within a couple of days I had open heart double bypass surgery. They had to take a vein from my left arm for the bypass & i spent 16 days in hospital.  Even though I complained of the pain etc I will always remember that the Doctors saved my life as I would not be here writing this if this surgery was not performed.  My personal thanks to Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane for their amazing work & care.


My medical expenses were mostly covered which is a godsend however I am now out of my normal full-time work for 8 weeks whilst I recover.  I am not on a big income but need someway to pay for my normal bills until I recover (electricity, rent, food etc) & the last of my medical bills. My wife & son have been so supportive during my time in hospital and for the last few days since I have been home. I have tried going through various avenues , government agencies, superannuation etc for some funding but with no success. I heard about GoFundMe from a friend & this really is my last option. I would really really appreciate every single donation to help my family through this tough time & I will personally respond to each donation as I know money doesn’t grow on trees. I will keep this page updated with my progress & I will pray daily that help is on it’s way soon.

Thanks for listening & please share.

Regards Bob