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Hi.. my name is Steve… I live in NJ, I’m divorced, and I’m a Chef… I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m very good at it, receiving accolades from customers and restaurant owners alike for my food… but have had a very difficult 2017… I had a lucrative position as a Chef in NYC, but was laid off in mid-January… since then I’ve worked in a variety of part-time, or temporary positions, trying to make ends meet.. I am now in a new position, partnering with a small restaurant owner in my town to build a new segment of his business.. and we are beginning to see the fruits of ou r labors…

However… 8 months of extremely low income has left me in a disastrous financial situation.. I’ve fallen behind in almost every area… I’ve maintained a place to live, but now, because I’m behind in payments, could lose my car to repossession, if I do not bring my account current immediately… I have an extremely high interest rate on the car loan… a vestige of my divorce and an associated bankruptcy… I need to make an emergency payment of $610 this week… then need to bring the account current soon after in order to avoid the loan holder repossessing the car..

Once I bring the account current, then car dealers and their lenders can pay off this loan and put me in a car with a more affordable payment that I can manage…

I am a humble man, a self-sufficient man… and it pains me deeply to have to ask for help… but I’m against a wall right now…

Thank you for your consideration… please share with your friends.. and may God bless you.



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