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Father-of-six recovering from brain tumor GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

My Brother found of a week before Christmas that he had a Large Tumor in the base of his brain, it took a 9 hour surgery to get all of it. He is doing well but is still not working and only have his wife’s income to pay bills and feed the family of 6 kids.


Hello my name is Jerry and I’m starting this page up for my big Brother Bruce York.
You see It’s one thing to be married for 29 years to the same wife or husband, and with 3 kids of their own life would be good, but they wanted to do more and NOT know of the tumor they set out to open their home. Which lead them to adopting 3 more kids two boys and a little girl to make their family whole. Going through life thinking everything is fine is one thing but then to get HIT with the news of having a Brain Tumor at any point in your life can be overwhelming of hearing that right before Christmas would give anyone that ” oh come on ” moment.

But NOT this man or this family and loved ones, just like Bruce and his wife Lisa we had FAITH in God that he would be healed, that he would walk out of the hospital and be there to see his sons and Daughter get married.

I am VERY pleased to say the doctors was able to remove ALL of the tumor and he is in rehab, BUT with him not working and ONLY one income you can see how the struggles are real, that is why I’m making this page. If there is ANY amount YOU can help with to easy the pressure of how they are going to pay for this.36021518_1546969396574920_r.jpegit will GREATLY be appreciated!!!!!!!

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/father-of-6-recovering-from-brain-tumor

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