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FC Blazers Nigeria will strive to create an environment where players and parents will learn to enjoy the process of player development with the goal of instilling the values of hard work, commitment and self discipline.

To give the youth of Nigeria the opportunity to develop their skills and continue their education and expand their opportunities in both soccer and higher education.


FC Blazers Nigeria values our “player centered approach” keeping in mind our mission to develop all players to train to reach their full player potential. The players will be exposed to high level professional coaching at every session. We pride ourselves on being a small club focusing on communication, player accountability, discipline, and familiarity with our players, parents, and community.

To engage the youth of Enugu State to strive for an opportunity for a higher level of sports competition and give an opportunity for a higher level of education. The opportunity for scholarships to universities in the United States and European universities to get a free education is a valuable opportunity for the players. We value respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, self- discipline, humility, and character development both on and off the field. We believe those characteristics contribute to developing a highly skilled competitive player.

Business model:

We plan to have players pay for the opportunity to enrich their sport and educational opportunities. Potential players who are not able to meet the monetary requirements will be potentially offered scholarships to be able to participate in the club opportunities. Puma will be sponsoring the team, supplying equipment for the team.

We will be developing four age groups U12, U14, U16,and U18. Members will be given the opportunity to participate with youth of their own age group. They will be given opportunities to participate in tournaments throughout Nigeria and potentially with the sister club located in the United States.

The fee for players to participate in the club activities will be N100,000. With that comes uniforms, professional coaching, and the opportunity to play at least three tournaments for the year. These fees will help with costs of running a high level club.

We would like the local government to provide the practice fields and contribute the funds to help us establish the club for at least the first year. With financial assistance from the state government we would be able to offer free clinics to the communities of Enugu. This would involve going to communities and inviting local youth to participate in instructional sessions with professional coaches. This would be a great opportunity for the youth of Enugu to enrich their lives and involve the community with a wonderful opportunity.

We would request field availability Monday through Thursday 6 to 9pm for practice sessions.

In conclusion this club will concentrate on player and character development for the youth of Enugu. Enriching their lives through sport and education.

Giving them a chance to fulfill their life’s potential.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/69dretk