First Ever True Media Player GoFundME Campaign

The first ever media player that stops censorship and fake news on both sides And makes all thing media tailored to the individual.

We’re going to start a media player that keeps Twitter Facebook and Google from controlling your content “Let me see if I can get Twitter Safety to not suppress this… I have no intention of manipulating or disrupting Twitter in anyway. I am merely creating the fist ever true social media player.

That is all inclusive and free of censorship. It will have filters that are Controlled by the user. The #GiveABuckaboutsomething part of the design would benefit people that are in true need. The idea part of my program would advance technology from sources that would otherwise die with the creator. And it’s not me that I’m asking ppl to have Faith in me.

IT’S idea buyer and themselfs bc it will be designed to meet each users own specific need.. The thing I’m designing this for is to push the dishonest into the dark where it belongs.. I have extreme trouble communicating my thoughts coherent enough for most people to understand.. I hung myself in 2010 and ever since then I’m not functioning very well enough, Especially under stress, And Twitter censoring me has been stressful to say the least Im a PTSD #MAGAveteran All I’m asking is $5 from 10,300 more no less.. If ppl really want a free internet, And they say they do. They would gladly #giveabuckaboutsomething 5 times…

I only want $5 per donation and only for the amount of the goal. Because. I’m going to give $100,000 to one donor, just as sane as it is financially possibly. Which should be pretty quick. Im asking from the bottom of my heart. Please help me open the doors on something Will only be limited by your imagination. I’m hoping it has been Twitters censorship and not my WWG1WGA fellow Americans.. If they can raise over $5 Million for a 51 Ford Surely #WWG1WGA Can give a vet $5..

A liberal donated $100 IKR? But that will still only give her one chance at the $100k I want the less fortunate to have just as good of a chance to walk away with it. Odds of winning Do i really got to point that out? This is not a raffle or any type of wagering. This is just another way I intend on making ppls life a little better. And a way to say thank you…..

God bless and If You cant afford $5 just keep me in your prayers.

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