Help for Ozzy, fund his current bills and future bills

Help for Ozzy, fund his current bills and future bills

I’ll start by saying thank you for stopping by to read up on Ozzy’s updates. I’ll give you a little back story to my little Morkie.
50080952_1601008720756689_r.jpegOzzy was purchased back in March of 2012. He was so small he could fit in your hand. I never thought he would grow up to be a 10-12lb dog. We thought he was also going to look somewhat like his mother which is a purebred Yorkie. He doesn’t know when to stop. He runs and has tippy taps to go out. Chases his ball around the house like a maniac… you could not say no to him let alone stay mad at his cute face too long.
For the most part I can say I Ozzy’s life has changed for the better since we moved into our own place. And for the brief 8 months that he’s been under our roof he’s been happy.
Despite all this it’s been a rocky road. He has been super hazard prone and it’s been really hard to keep his injury’s down. He likes to crawl between peoples feet, jump where he’s not supposed to, and crash into furniture like a test car…
Now all of that may seem funny but Ozzy is a small dog and it’s caused som severe damage.
On my first post about this campaign it was to help vet bills because he had fractured a couple of bones. Now I really need help.
He can no longer eat, drink, use the bathroom without assistance, I’ve had to hold him up several times so he doesn’t urinate on top of himself.

He is also in a lot of pain, managed under pain medication. He’s getting another round of x-rays this upcoming Saturday. I don’t know what will be the results, but I have no more funds to cover his expenses and I’ve gone through every hoop you can think of to provide care for him.

Please out of the kindness of your heart help me and my little family out. I could not imagine a world without a head tilt from my best friend.

I have yet to post his medical stuff but I will on the next update from proof of receipts. There is a few. A laceration, his xrays from his fall in the garage, another incident crashing into a table causing his tooth to fracture… and finally he ran full force into our dining room table, sliding him into our couch on his right side… due to this, he cannot walk properly which is going to be this weekend.

This sweet loving dog deserves a second chance to live the rest of his life, please help.

I would also like to say I know our goal is set high. It is so that I can get the funds for future visits because he does have more Xrays to do.

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