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NHS Deaf Mental Health Services Herbert Klein GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

I’m retired now from working for NHS Deaf Mental health services for 30 years. I am an ambassador for European Society Mental Health and Deafness.

Also I am a president of British Society Mental Health and Deafness. I am a volunteer with Deaf Indonesian group where they have no access to Deaf mental health services. I teach and give advice Deaf group and encourage them to improve their mental health welfare and reduce the taboo in their personal problems. There are vast geographical area where so many Deaf Indonesian people are living in isolation , oppression, discrimination, hard communication, no expert clinical professional training in Deaf issues.

Our Deaf group are consulting with Dept of Health how to find the evidences, need more research with data, and reports. At the moment there are approximately 40 millions Deaf people who find hard to ask for a support and their needs.

We are starting from Deaf group to build up with networking with different agencies e.g Ibunda Indonesian psychology service start to learn more about Deaf community.



For more info: http://http://bsmhd.org.uk/