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I and my family are in need of financial assistance to help us with bills and basic necessities.

Any donations will help and I have all the proof of my bills and medical documentation stating that I cannot work.

I am doing this until my Disability comes through and any help will be much appreciated and a blessing. I am doing what I can to survive on my side. I call every day to churches and organizations to get assistance and see if there are any updates see if anyone can help with my rent until my Disability comes through. I do have doctor bills to pay for co-pays. If you can, please share my Fundraiser.

I am crossing my fingers that this year will start off good for my family and we can get back on our feet.

Pease anything counts. I hope there is an angel out there that will help I have a couple more days before rent is due. Thank you for all those that are helping and trying to do their best and appreciate all those that shared this post with others. May God bless your generosity and also that you have to never go through this hardship as I have.

I am doing everything I can . I continually call different social organizations but all of them told me they have no funds at the moment to help out. this is my last resoruce if you can help me out i have a 4-year-old daughter who dont have nothing at all i am asking and a warm place to stay so we can move have a place to stay if u can help it be very much appreciated I have used the last bit of my money on my daughter getting her food and this is all i have i want her to believe in me isa I cant work i am in pain every single day sick alot of times dont have I have done sent in my paperwork to my Disability about be get out and they told me they have expected it to califonia the was last week know all i am doing is waiting i am running really low on money know they are cutting my cash asstiance off next month bc i have been on it for 12 months so i have to take a break for 6 months i am just really woudering is life gonna get any better dont have no place to stay have to be out today i can afford another day at the motel where i am at please if u can donate it be very much appericated please….n October of 2017, I was having upper back pain and was referred to a pain management office to receive a cortisone shot in my neck for a bulging disk.

On October 17th, I received the shot and was told that I could return to work the following day. I went to work and everything seemed ok. Two hours after work, I collapsed in extreme pain shooting from my lower back down both legs and could not walk on my own without extreme pain.

I called my pain management doctor and was seen the next day. He sent me to ER and had a CT scan. Nothing was found abnormal. Pain management gave me some medications to help with pain till I went to my Primary Doctor.

After seeing my condition, she sent me to another ER. I had a back MRI with contrast. Nothing was found abnormal. I had an EMG on my upper and lower portion of my body and was told by my doctor that I had deterioration of my myelin sheath on my left side of nerves.


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