Funfs For Sean GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

My brother Sean is a loving, Christian, family man, married to a wonderful, Christian woman. He has an adorable son who is in love with God. Sean served in the United States Marine Corps back in the late 80’s, serving as an infantryman.

Sean has now been told that he has stage 4 lung cancer with 5-6 months to live. He does not have the funds to assist in the battling of the cancer, nor the funds to help his wife and son if he was to loose the battle. I am raising the funds to help with costs during the fight and incase he passes the funds will help his wife and son in the future. The need is urgent due to the prognosis and short expectancy.

They are very humble people and would never ask for a dime and would shoulder the burden on their own. Let’s share the burdens and give some hope in a messed up situation. Let’s spreads God’s Love and Grace and support this Marine and his family.

May God Bless you all and thank you. Prayers are always welcome and needed! As for the cancer, it is stage 4 lung inoperable lung cancer and it has spread to his lymph nodes, it is too large for radiation, so he is doing immunotherapy. He is out of work because of not being able to take RA drugs.

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