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George Floyd (LEPS) Act 2020 Bill Prop. Filed with Congress by Political Prisoner Near CHOP/CHAZ

Washington, D.C., Jul 17, 2020 (EMWNews.com) – A federal bill proposition, Floyd (Law Enforcement & Public Safety) Resolution Act of 2020, said to be in honor of George Floyd, was filed with United States Congress by a federal prisoner at FDC SeaTac (Seattle)- only miles from the racially and politically controversial movement of occupy of protestors, at Seattle’s ‘C.H.O.P.’ (formerly known as the ‘C.H.A.Z.’, or Capitol Hill Occupy Protest), that was dissipated by public authorities earlier this month.)- who ironically is an African-American man who is Minneapolis native, and was incarcerated, 2018, for working as a political activist and lobbyist on civil rights issues during the 2016 elections.

The Floyd (LEPS) Resolution Act of 2020 proffered five statutory laws to be added to Title 42 of U.S. Code for Civil Rights (i.e. 42 U.S.C. 1981 et seq.), to prohibit excessive force (i.e.; chokeholds) and other civil rights that are considered ‘federal protected activities,’ in addition to the ‘Think-Twice Standard’ (a cooperative with American Polygraph Association) to conduct polygraph examinations as one of the procedures for upholding good faith standards on public integrity among law enforcement officials who receive complaints from private citizens of the community.

In addition to proposal for new statutory laws to prevent police brutality and violation of federally protected rights of private citizens, Peterson’s proposed Act of Congress ‘proffered’ amendments to 1862’s Land Grant Act and Homestead Act, which predate the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, that would grant or award reparations, land, and free (state college) education to eligible ancestors of African American slaves.

According to court papers from Case 20-5057 at D.C. Federal Circuit Court, Cary Lee Peterson, an active lobbying registrant for U.S. Congress (despite his federal imprisonment for a quasi-politically-influenced issue in controversy in the prior U.S. presidential election), initially filed the (handwritten) Floyd Act 2020 with a supporting affidavit (as to why he was filing it with the D.C. Federal Circuit Court and Congress), June 11, 2020, but the bill proposition [itself] did not make it to the court docket for unknown reasons. Hence, Peterson managed to get the ‘Affidavit” filed that promulgated the Floyd Act 2020 filing from FDC Seattle; whereas, his firm submitted a revised copy of the bill draft to U.S. Congress.

LEPS published an online petition for Floyd (LEPS) Resolution Act of 2020 at ‘Change.org’, which will be submitted to the Office of the Clerk and Secretary of Congress later this month.

To support the Floyd (LEPS) Resolution Act 2020, go to http://chng.it/TVQ2CQc482 and sign the petition. Original Copy of Floyd (LEPS) Resolution Act of Act 2020 filed with Congress (Jul. 2020)

Media Contact:
Amanda Liu (publicist)
Robert Peterson & Fields Associates
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Floyd (LEPS) Resolution Act 2020 Petition
Support at http://chng.it/TVQ2CQc482
Contact [email protected]


De Livera Interview with Civil Rights Lobbyist Cary Lee Peterson (Sep. 2016)

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