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My Entrepreneurial Aspirations & Your Generosity ViralExposure Booster ZumaFunder.com

My name is; Randolph Lee and I am a humble e-commerce start-up. I was given a medical diagnosis some years ago and have been addressing my condition ever since. I decided recently to try e-commerce and to improve on my income. I hope to achieve successes within the angle investor community. For more info: http://My-professional-Entrepreneurial-startup-strategy

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Creating Social Media Influencers Boot Camp Campaign

Creating Social Media INFLUENCERS? The second week of January 14, 2019. I will be running a 21-Day Private Bootcamp to show you exactly what I did to have people contacting ME DAILY about my business. Learn exactly how I went from being a Student/Follower to becoming an Influencer in my Niche within a 2 year period. Due to the nature ...

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Avvio attività con famiglia

Salute a te … Mi chiamo Danilo ,il sogno di una vita e sempre stato quello di avviare una attività che sostenga lo stile di vita . Ora si e presentata l’opportunità per me e le persone che amo di poter realizzare questo sogno , vivere ,viaggiare ,lavorare tutti insieme . Ecco la nostra storia : Abbiamo cominciato a girare ...

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