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I got out of the Army last year with no good financial situation. I owe more than I can I can bring in. Recently my back issues related to the army have caused me to not be able to work and temporarily has me on leave until my herniated disks (5 of them) get better. I went ahead and started a little business on the eCommerce platform using Amazon, shopify, and wherever else I can. I have a large issue though with not being able to afford to buy inventory, or even hire a helping hand. I hate asking for anything, but this is something I want to do and is a dream to own my own business. I wont get magically healed with all the issues I have physically. So please help me fund my business, and allow me to get it rolling enough to be able to have some breathing room. I don’t care how small, or the way you donate. It can be knowledge, resources, or even leads. Just please help if you can.

For more info: http://gf.me/u/wpkwts

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