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Raising donations for a drug and alcohol treatment center. Hello, my name is Alicia. Three years ago I met an extraordinary man named Martin, who overcame a serious addiction with alcohol and almost lost his life. He had spent alot of time in treatment centers in Mexico.

Martin had seen first hand how alcohol and drugs affected not only his life but the lives of others around him as well. He is trying to give back to his community and help others who are in desperate need of a new beginning. We are currently trying to raise money to build a drug and alcohol treatment center called A Solution Exists.

This treatment center is located in a rural community area just ten minutes from Hidalgo, Mexico. This purpose for this center is to motivate and teach all men and women who suffer from addiction that recovery and learning how to live day by day is still possible.

We are in need of donations to build the 600 square meter treatment center, and also contain enough food and supplies needed to run daily. The center is a nonprofit that is run by generous and experienced volunteers. Note: the photograph above is the land where A Solution Exists will be built



For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/we-believe-a-solution-always-exists