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This is a fantastic business opportunity that has become available in my town. The previous owner of the local bounce house just packed up and left without notice and the owner of the building had asked me to start it up again. My wife runs her own spa business in the same building so together we would could for sure make this new bounce house bigger and better than it was before. We love kids, I’m an oversized kid myself, my wife had been a children’s pastor and we have eight grand kids that love coming to visit us because we’re the “fun-grandparents” that always plays with them!

For a number of years the kids of the Brainerd/Baxter, MN area have enjoyed playing at a indoor bounce house. This is the type of inflatables kids climb in and slide down on and just jump and have fun with. This place also have a place to host birthday parties for the young guest of honor and all their friends and family.  Sometimes we would see three or four parties a day taking place inside this bounce house.

Well, the owner suddenly closed down taking all his jumpers out without notice to anyone.  Now my wife runs a store across the hall from where this bounce house was located and she has seen a number of children coming in with their parents expecting an afternoon of playtime only to leave sometimes in tears to find out they no longer are open.
I have worked for over twenty five years as a truck driver being away for weeks at time from home and quite honest have grown very tired of the occupation.  I have often made the comment how great it would be if I could work locally so that my wife and I could be with each other everyday instead of the one day a week we get now.
The owner of this building has approached my wife and I asking if we would be interested in starting another bounce house up.  I would absolutely love to do just that since I am somewhat of a kid too but we need the start up funds to get it going again.

The rent on the room is in the thousands a month and the cost of renovation and equipment is going to be upwards of twenty grand. We have our own rent and expenses to pay so we need to be a couple months ahead to pay that while we build the business up.  There is also the advertising expense to get the word out that the bounce house will be coming back.

It would be amazing to have this up and running again within a couple of months.  We know the children of this area would be thrilled to have a bounce house again and grateful to you supporters for helping to make this happen.  Thank you everyone for your generous support.


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