Help Ni Mol to open her coffee house in Cambodia GoFundMe Boost

My Name is Oliver, I’m 33 years old from Germany. In February 2020 I’ve visited Siem Reap in Cambodia where I’ve met the 24 year old girl named Ni Mol. We fastly became friends and we stayed together for almost 2 weeks where she told me about her life and showed me how she lives.
Ni Mol is a single mother of 3 kids. She never had a good life. Her parents and one of her sister died when she was very young. She was forced to marry early and gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 12. Her husband never treated her good. She even was not allowed by him to visit english school lessons. Two years ago she escaped from her husband because of domestic violence. Since then she tries to feed her children on her own.
Ni Mol is working as a singer in a bar in Siem Riep. She earns 240 USD per month, which is above average income in Cambodia, but still not much, especially as a single mother with 3 kids. She invited me to her home. She has no kitchen or fridge, just a camping cooker. There is only cold water in the shower and no washing machine. She sleeps with her 3 children in one bedroom. She has no health insurance.
When I was with her, I paid her hospital bills and medicine, because she couldn’t effort it. My heart was really touched when I’ve heard about her story, that she lost her parents early, about the situation with her husband and how she try to survive with her 3 children.
She told me about her dream to open a coffee house in Siem Riep where she wants to serve coffee and local khmer desserts to earn more money to get a better life for her and her children. She already saved a little bit of money the last 2 years since she escaped from her husband, but by far not enough to reach her dream. She don’t get any bank credit because she has no debt guarantee.
Because she don’t speak any English, I’ve decided to help her to raise the money by setting up a fundraising campaign on the internet. She already has a business plan and everything made up in her mind. All she needs now is seed money so she can open her coffee house.
Ni Mol needs approx. 2200 USD for her coffee house. The costs are splitted by following:
• 1100 USD – espresso and coffee machine
• 220 USD – fridge
• 80 USD – shake mixer
• 60 USD – music boxes
• 300 USD – interior stuff like dishes, chairs, tables, decoration, lamps and lights
• 100 USD – initial stock supply of food, drinks and coffee
• 60 USD – wifi setup
• 160 USD – deposit for renting the room
• 120 USD – small reserve fund
I would really appreciate if anyone would donate a small amount of money to help Ni Mol.
I do web development for a living, so in addition I will set up a website for her coffee house, social media channels, tripadvisor and every thing she needs on the internet.
Thank you for your support and best regards, Oliver and Ni Mol.

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