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getting back on my feet

My name is Ryan Philip Rundle I am a former US Marine who saw two tours of combat in Afghanistan. I am a 100% disabled veteran due to multiple head injuries and diagnosed with training brain injury which now leaves me with severe memory loss, seizures and PTSD.

In December 2019 my wife who is a commissioned Navy Officer left me as she could not cope with my multiple seizures and personality disorder. I immediately lost the only home and vehicle I had and put under severe financial strain due to our impending divorce.

I had to move into an apartment with my two support Labradors and start over with only the disability pension I receive. I am unable to work due these medical reasons and the onset of Covid19. I am based in New Orleans on my own with two dogs and no family as I cannot afford to move closer to my sister in Maryland.

Both the $1200 and $600 stimulus checks were deposited directly into my wife’s account as she had me on her 2108 tax returns.

I am desperately in need of $4000 to cover the following expenses.

$700 for veterinary care for my one Labrador
$3200 to pay off debts that I am now unable to afford due to my divorce and court costs on a limited income.

I am able to provide all proof needed for these debts.

Any donation is welcome as I am struggling under this financial burden to stay alive on a daily basis and give my two dogs who love me unconditionally a home and food.

For more info: http://https://gofund.me/65da5c1a

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