My family needs your help GoFundME Booster

In the five years my husband and I have been married it feels like we’ve faced insurmountable odds. My mother passed away, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that almost took his life, his brother passed away, then I became ill as well. Just a year ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and now cancer.

I’m trying to find work even though I injured my knee and need surgery for it. On top of that our home is literally falling to pieces. I would give anything not to have to ask for help, but my family and their health and safety means more to me than pride. We always say it’s not going to happen to our family, but it does and it has to mine. We have two children, an 11 year old and a 14 year old, please help me take care of them and they’re father.

If you can’t help please share at least. I feel I’m at my wits end and I’ve worn holes in my knees praying. Any help will be greatly appreciated and as soon as things are looking it will also be paid forward. Thank you your time and consideration.

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