Toy Car Toss! Company start-up! Benjaman Harre GoFundME Campaign

Hello, My name is Benjaman.

It has always been my dream to make video games ever since I can remember. I have played video games ever since I was able to wrap my hands around a control. Years ago I taught myself how to code in C# and other program languages. A few months back I started work on the first of what I hope to be many video games to come. Up until now, I have put all my own money into making this game. However, I am here asking for your help not to make this one video game but at the chance to make many.

Video games are art. Think about the people who have to come together to make a video game. For starters, you need a storyteller. You need someone who can think of a good story or a good plot line. You need an artist to make the graphics and art you see in these games, Then you need a composer, someone who can make beautiful music and sounds, and finally, you need a coder who is able to bring it all together. Maybe I romance the idea of video games too much but I feel we have lost that in this day in age. I feel that companies now days are too caught up in making a huge profit off something that they lack the vision and love. All that is cared about is pushing out something that passes as playable in order to make that check.

I want to create a company that cares more about the customer and the product they are putting out to the public then what they will be getting back in return. Don’t get me wrong I want to build a company that makes money but I feel that can be done and still putting the customer first and put the time, love, and energy into the products we create because I honestly believe that gamers spend something far more valuable on video games every day that money, and that is their time and if a company cannot make a game worth the gamers time it will never be worth their money.

The money I am asking for will go towards the final bits of the Toy Car Toss game (working title) and also towards company start-up costs.

Thank you for your time!

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