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In December of 2017 my wife, Bianca, had just completed a 45 minute run on our treadmill.  Immediately following the run she experienced facial numbness and weakness on the right side of her body.  The following days only got worse.

She has daily seizure like attacks, pain all over her body, barely able to walk, brain fog, barley able to function, hair loss, weight loss, a mass on the kidney, hearing loss.  She has been in and out of multiple ER visits with out a diagnosis.

She has seen multiple doctors here in the USA as well as Doctors in Germany.   While in Germany Doctors found borrelia bacteria which is a direct indicator of a Lyme Disease infection.  Doctors in Colorado have been completely dismissive of that diagnosis cause there has never been a confirmed case in Colorado.  We have located a clinic in Scottsdale AZ.

Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance and we would have to pay out of pocket.   Treatment is 8 to 12 weeks at about $10,000 per week, a 1 time fee of $5000 for testing.  This doesn’t even cover lodging or other expenses which would total about an additional $2,000 per week.

This whole ordeal has put a terrible strain on her physically and emotionally, as well as our family.   My wife was there for me when I was injured while serving in Iraq and through the 2 spinal surgeries and 2 shoulder surgeries I had to under go, which left me as a 100% disabled veteran.  Any help for her would be appreciated beyond belief.  What ever funds that are not used will be donated to the study of Lyme Disease.

Thank you all for your time.

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