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I am Ryan Milchman, and I have been the theatre teacher at Gray Middle School in Groveland, Florida for the past seven years. Four years ago, Ambria Benjamin, a beautiful, mature, and hilarious girl walked into the drama classroom, and changed my life forever.

I have had the pleasure and honor of being Ambria’s Drama Mama for four of those seven years. Through this time, I have seen her grow from a young girl unable to audition without running off the stage crying, to now an incredible performer that commands the stage for any part thrown her way. She not only has been born with the “it factor,” but she also is one of the hardest workers I have ever had in my class.

She will be famous one day. I believe that with all of my heart. She is giving the world no other option except to make her into a brilliant, house-hold known name.

Ambria auditioned for and was accepted to the Montverde Academy Theatre Conservatory.

This program teaches their students concepts that I didn’t learn until I was well into my Bachelors in Theatre. It is a HUGE honor to be accepted, and exactly what she needs to grow as a performer. Unfortunately, a program of this magnitude comes with a hefty price tag. Even with financial aid, her family cannot afford tuition; meaning Ambria’s ambitions of receiving the best education she possibly can, as both a performer and an academic, would be shattered, simply because her family is not rich.

I am raising money on the behalf of Ambria and her family so she can focus on her education and future acting career instead of stressing about finances. Any help that you can offer her is incredibly appreciated. Know that you are helping a young woman of color achieve her dream and start her origin story of becoming the star she was meant to be. She has assured me that she will remember everyone who has helped her rise when she gets to the top and will always remember how much it means to her.



For more info: http://tinyurl.com/ambriabenjamin

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