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Suzanne is only 34 and yet her life has been filled with so much misery that she was at the point of committing suicide. Those where her words to me when we met. She wanted to rush herself into a transport truck on the highway to end all the suffering.

There was a quiet voice denying that act in heart that same day and she decided to visit an old friend she knew some years back to ask for some help to be able to eat and wash up her sore. Unfortunately, she had moved out from that locality a longtime ago. Stranded, frustrated and in despair, she started walking towards the main road to commit this act of suicide. Just about a hundred meters away, she saw a church building and walked into it for a last attempt. I leave in that church premises and serve there as a preacher. This is how i met with Suzanne. This was about the 16th of February 2017!

Suzanne lost her mum at the age of 9 and never knew her dad. She is the first amongst 4 children and all grew up with their Grandma in extreme poverty. She comes from a family that is not united but even more her family is chief from a culture (Bassa, Edea, Cameroon) that believes so much in and practices witchcraft and dark arts. By 16, her grandma couldn’t take care of them any longer and she resorted to move to the city using her body to take care of herself and siblings. At 21 she became so sick and came close to death. During that experience she decided to become a christian and abandon her immoral way of life. When she was healed, she started a petty business (Call box) which she did for 7years while taking of herself and brothers. At 29 she became very sick again and it drained all her capital and brought her petty business to an end.

Not being able to pay her bills and rents, no grandma or relative to go back to, she and her brothers began to wonder the streets and spend the nights at hideouts. A fews months later the young boys finally dispersed to make life for themselves. One ended up in the prison, the other is no where to be found and the last is still close battling with life like a man. She later found some small job to do that could pay her a small hut where she could lay and feed herself. Since her brothers weren’t around her again, it wasn’t much of a burden for her. However, this did not last for a year when her right leg developed into a severe WET GANGRENE. Suzanne was forced back to the streets because she couldn’t pay the hut and no one will give her job or help her. Suzanne carried that sore for two years and more on the street, most times being a beggar to be able to take care of herself to the bare minimum. She will sometimes go for days without food and at one point, her leg was infested with maggots. Ashamed of her experience, she could not even tell me whole truth of all her sufferings until i finally met one of her brothers this early April just to realise that she hasn’t been homeless only for months as she initially claimed. Her excused was that she was traumatised and ashamed.

” My extended family members see me on the street and say i have been bewitched”. “People think i have lost my mind or i am some mad person as i walk pass by”. Those are her words. Suzanne did not only carry the pain of missing parent care, she carries the pains of her siblings, sleeping on the streets as a lady and the painful sore for two years and more. She was tortured in her body and mind. She was completely emaciated at the time we met.

As i write, i have been able to pull together some funds already (including myself to help Suzanne). About $2,599.00 has been spent to restore life and wipe off her misery already. She is doing a lot more better now but with you, we can make it better!

I have paid 8 months of rents for her.So, she now has a place to stay
She has got a bed and a matress and some very basic neccesities bought
Her Medical Procedure was initiated and it has been two weeks since her leg was amputated
Our little acts of kindness will not only restore her life but can empower Suzanne to do the same to others. Suzanne will want to live like any normal person and if possible have her own family.

At the moment she now has crutches in the hospital which she will use thereafter. As you know already, this is not very practical with life. A prosthetic leg is perfect! it is estimated at $6,000 here
Due to unplanned events $180 which was available for her Call box business has been used up. however, people just hardly do a call box business. It is barely sufficient. They mix it up other household provisions. A complete estimation for this is $1136. A stand for $162, three mobile telephone networks and credit for $243 and household provisions for $730.
Finally, because of her inability to take care of herself this last 2 and more years her dental formula is in a very bad shape. Let us restore her beauty as much as possible to give her an opportunity to start a family of her own. It will cost $405 for the dentist to give it some touch.
As you donate to bless Suzanne, you are free to specify what you want your money to be used for. You can also contact me if you want to help otherwise or if you want to skype with Suzanne.

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