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My Name is Stephanie WIlliams, I live in Colorado.  Paul and Alex are my brothers. They are nonverbal and 17.  They have DownSyndrom and Additional Medical issues including thyroid problems.  They are in an shelter in Dickinson Texas.  Their house  flooded due to Hurricane Harvey. 

My mom and dad will need extra help. 

Disabled family requires immediate support after home wrecked in flood following,  Hurricane Harvey and
 spinoff tornado. 


Funds are being raised to help the boys(4 of them) and my parents get out of the Houston metro or to rebuild if they choose to stay there. 

This is the conversation stream below with the family on the first day dickinson flooded and #houstonstrong became a thing. It is also the day of #gameofthrones  season 7 finale.

Thierry C Weber
14 mins ·  
Evacuated the house at 6:30 this morning and waded in waist high water to safety with the whole family. Holding up at City Hall right now. Looks like most of the city is under water.

Sandra Dowell Weber
7 hours ago ·
Safe at city hall right now 2 ft of water in house

Sandra Dowell Weber
18 Min ·

Dogs were on the beds. Right now it is up and down. Since the damage is from flood no coverage. We have paperwork turned into FEMA right now and we are praying. It will probably be around $60000 to fix house not sure on contents right now.

Robbie Williams
20 Min · 
Um house flooded pretty much it.
We had to leave and that was it.

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