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On October 15, 1987 I was clinically dead at the age of 15 involving a car accident. I was revived as they put me in the ambulance into a coma. I shattered my right leg had a ruptured spline and a medical instrument in my head to drain the blood clottage. I was in a coma for one and a half months. I heard the doctors say over my hospital bed to my parents that if I survived to put me in a nursing home because I would never walk talk or eat again and my left side would be paralyzed. I came out of the coma an hour after they pulled the life support. I defied all doctor predictions after 30 years. Now or well awhile ago I was informed that I have breast cancer. First I was to have surgery Oct. 6,2017 but they ordered an MRI and they found more cancer and abnormal lymph nodes. I am overwhelmed by all this. I feel I can’t handle anymore! But I am asking for some help Please. The bills are crazy even with insurance. I need the hopes and prayers that I can fight through this hard time as I did the first. Please give me the blessing of god and the strength of others to make it through this. I need my angels from above and all over the world to guide me through this. Thank you and Bless you

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