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Hello! My name is Maurice. I am raising money in order to have a laser procedure done to have varicose veins removed from both of my legs. I have had them since I was a child and never really took notice until later in my adult life when a photographer/good friend of mine pointed them out to me. So I began to do some research on them.

The veins in my legs are clogged which means there is not enough blood pumping up to my heart which explains the cardiovascular issues I have always had such as trouble breathing. They also lead to a lack of fine symmetrical balance, shaky nerves, my muscle dysmorphia, neurotransmitters that are closed off, and a lack of dopamine and oxygen to my brain which has been affecting me mentally all my life with issues such as following directions properly, comprehension, trouble concentrating in school, sports, and other activities. Because of that mental condition, I went into social isolation and became a loner because others thought I was weird and lacked sportsmanship and I believed them. But unknowingly, there was something wrong with me all along. There was a glitch hiding someplace but I just did not know what it was. I never could figure it out until my 3rd decade of life. Doctors would say that I was reading way too much into it but I wasn’t.

So if the goals of having these leg veins removed or repaired are not met immediately, their condition will worsen overtime which will lead to future health problems.

The procedure costs at least $3500-$4000 per leg and insurance companies are unwilling to pay for it because they consider it to be “cosmetic” and “not medically necessary” when it is medically necessary. There is nothing “cosmetic” about improper blood flow and after receiving that disappointing news time after time, I lost all hope, faith, and respect for the medical/health insurance field and its system. I felt robbed and cheated. Rest assured, this procedure will solve all of my health problems listed above.

So please, if you can help me out in any way you possibly can by donating to my cause, that would be great. Any little bit helps!

Thank You!! 🙂

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