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Law Enforcement National Training Center I am a career law enforcement professional, and military veteran.  After retirement, and two deployments to Afghanistan as a DoS and DoD contractor, I founded my private security company, Personal Security Solutions LLC.

We have two distinct divisions, Protective Services, and Education and training on Response to an Active Shooter. As a former tactical team operator, I recognize the need for training that is as realistic as possible without putting officers in harms way.  All active shooting incidents are horrific, however the ones that occur in a school or other educational facility are even more heartbreaking.

The scars  from these incidents both physical and mental are long lasting and can be debilitating. On February 14, 2018 seventeen students and faculty/staff were murdered and seventeen more seriously wounded. Although not personally involved, this event touched me in a personal way. in the year since that event, many lessons were learned, and some were needless, and if proper leadership and training had been utilized the outcome almost certainly would have been less people killed and wounded.  I have decided to find a suitable facility, and develop it into a state of the art training center, for counter active shooter training for sworn law enforcement, as well as licensed and certified private security personnel.

Concentrating on schools and other teaching facilities. Utilizing interactive technologies, and fact based scenario and practical exercises the officers will learn basic tactical, and advanced tactics, techniques and procedures to enter the area, find the threat, and eliminate that threat. Tactical medics will also be able to use the facility in tandem with officers to locate the injured and practice their lifesaving and evacuation skills. Perimeter officers will be utilized to contain the threat and properly handle mass casualties, escaping students and faculty, and any exterior threat/s that may occur. I have trained in such a building, designed and built by the Naval Special Warfare section. The realism, and training environment in that facility, absolutely made myself a better operator, with more confidence and much higher skill level. I saw thousands of officers train in this facility, and all their evaluations were outstanding. Although the initial cost is high, once the facility is outfitted with the interactive technologies and the operating systems are brought  on-line, the continuing operating costs are absorbed by the tuition that each student or department would be responsible for. Those fees have not been finalized as of this date, but they will be revealed in upcoming print and other media advertising. We will strive to make these fees cost effective for paying officers or agency sponsored officers.  For full transparency, the following line items are listed, with costs that are approximate at this time, but in line for what they represent.

I believe that when you read the line items you will understand how specialized this facility will be when completed.  Although this is an extensive list, it may not reflect all included training aids that will be available separate and apart from the list below and not using donor proceeds.

INITIAL EXPENSES Current Charter school that is for sale in NE Pennsylvania. Licences, closing costs, permits, and attorney fees $970,000.00+- Renovation, repair, painting, Interior/exterior.  $80,000.00 Parking lot repair, sealed, painted parking lines. $ 40,000.00 Signage, Flag poles (3) installed. &25,000.00  Media/print advertising. $70,000 Security system/Lighting. installed. $15,000.00 E-250 Ford 15 passenger vans (2) w/4 W.D.  ( Student transport) $70,000.00 Enclosed 15′ twin axle cargo trailers (2) (Student Luggage/Gear)  $30,000 F.A.T.S. interactive video/audio systems installed (2). $300,000.00 Safety head gear (40) $3,000.00 Safety Shields/ (40)  $1,200.00 Groin protection, (40) $1,000.00 Two way portable radios (40) w/ battery, earpiece, and lapel mics, chargers, $11,900.00 Commercial style copy machine. (1)  $6,000.00 Desk top computer systems (3) Tower, printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse. Installed  $ 9,000.00 Commercial color laser printer.  $2,500.00 Office phone system installed  $4,000.00 Interior/Exterior Audio/visual recording w/ special effects console, servers, discs, sounds, low light cameras, color cameras systems. Installed $350,000.00 Breaching tools, (3) rams, (3) sledge hammers, (3)  halagan tools, (1) tactical ladder  $925.00 Used school buses, delivered & static w/ chocked wheels (2) as training tools,  $20,000.00 General Office supplies  $2,000.00 General cleaning supplies,  $3,000.00 Wet/Dry vacuum (1)  $300.00 Industrial First Aid Kits w/ supplies (2)   $750.00  Folding tables (12)  $540.00 Folding chairs (72)  $3,600.00


I will never be able to put into words how grateful we are for your donations. I have picked out a name for the training center, however this is confidential, as I am waiting to get permission from a private citizen family directly impacted by one of these horrific events.. In short this center will be a memorial to all who have lost their lives, or have been wounded, and their families. This facility will be available to all sworn U.S. law enforcement, as well as U.S. licensed and certified private security.

However any donor will be invited to tour the facility with prior notice. Once we acquire the real estate, work will begin immediately to repair, retrofit,  improve, and upgrade from the list above.  I hope to be able to have a ribbon cutting ceremony on February 14, 2021.

This is an aggressive undertaking, but  one that needs to be ready ,so those who respond to these horrible events will have a much better chance to protect the innocent, eliminate the threat  and sustain and survive,  which will lead to better outcomes for all.

May God Bless you and your families.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/6x1l18o