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Grand Opening of the Minority Economic Forum (MEF)

Manhattan, New York May 25, 2024 ( – Grand Opening of the Minority Economic Forum (MEF)

The Minority Economic Forum (MEF) is excited to announce its grand opening. MEF, which aims to address key issues that other non-profits and the government have overlooked, is committed to making a significant impact in communities across America.

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About MEF

Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Encarnacion, MEF has spearheaded several key initiatives including DACPAC (Dominican American Coalition Political Action Committee), the New Rebellion Movement, and alliances with the New Order Movement, alongside influential figures such as Macho from King Macho on TikTok and YouTube. Notable DACPAC leaders include @East_Haitian and @DonRicardo.


Before its official opening, MEF, in collaboration with DACPAC, has already made remarkable strides:

-Mobilized Dominican support, achieving over 1.4% national support for a new political party in the Dominican Republic, establishing it as the 4th political option.

-Launched a successful petition against revisionist history at CUNY University.
-Assisted over 200 Dominican business owners in starting their ventures and gaining financial literacy.

-Organized over 1,000 debates between Haitian leaders, politicians, and Dominicans.

-Partnered with the Dominican Duartiano Institute to preserve Dominican history.

-Educated between 50,000-100,000 young minorities on history, finance, and technology via social media.

Call to Action

With your support, MEF can continue to tackle these critical issues and drive positive change. Together, we can empower communities and foster a brighter future for all.

Contact Information:
Director: Dr. Richard Encarnacion
Email: [email protected]

Join us in our mission to create lasting change!

Media Contact

Minority Economic Forum

[email protected]

Source :Minority Economic Forum

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