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HandySoft Launches Latest Version of BizFlow(R) 11, Introducing Advanced Functionality for Creating Dynamic Business Applications

2008-07-16 08:30:00

HandySoft Expands Its Holistic Approach to Automating Structured and

Ad-Hoc Business Processes Through the Integration of Next-Generation

Process Monitoring Capabilities and Collaboration Features

FALLS CHURCH, Va.–(EMWNews)–HandySoft Global Corp., a leading provider of Business Process

Management software and solutions, today announced the release of BizFlow®

11 version 3 (11.3). The new release provides enhanced visibility and

productivity for business users and managers, while offering Project

Management Office (PMO) and IT level users the ability to deliver

automated processes faster and more cost-effectively.

Says Caffrey Lee, VP of Product Management, We

are very excited about this version of BizFlow. All the new capabilities

are truly market-driven. Customer collaboration has paid off in great

new functionality for enabling people to quickly adapt to business

changes while minimizing the IT cost.

Forrester Research writes, “Most business applications are too

inflexible to keep pace with the businesses they support. Today’s

applications force people to figure out how to map isolated pools of

information and functions to their tasks and processes, and they force

IT pros to spend too much budget to keep up with evolving markets,

policies, regulations, and business models. IT’s primary goal during the

next five years should be to invent a new generation of enterprise

software that adapts to the business and its work and evolve with it.

Forrester calls this new generation Dynamic Business Applications,

emphasizing close alignment with business processes and work (design for

people) and adaptability to business change (build for change).” (The

Dynamic Business Applications Imperative,

Forrester Research, Inc., September 2007).

Designed for both business users and IT professionals and built to

support dynamic business environments, BizFlow®

11.3 moves beyond the flat, one-dimensional feel of traditional process

management solutions. It offers vivid drill-down capabilities, sound

critical path identification and analytics, as well as enhanced dynamic

process automation. Each of these key, next-generation capabilities

provides users the ability to deploy business processes that adapt to

and evolve with an organizations

ever-changing business environment.

BizFlow® 11.3

improves on the seamless, single platform integration of structured and

ad-hoc process featured in the BizFlow®

v11 Series. The enhanced BPMS continues to enable organizations to more

efficiently execute day-to-day work, gain full visibility into resource

utilization, alert users and management of potential issues, drive quick

remediation, and bring structure to all work processes. In addition, the

updated software continues to discourage the need for time-laden

business process analysis through dynamic process development, an

innovative feature that accelerates time-to-value and results in

real-world, work-based business models. From the structured paper-based

process to the ad-hoc email task-oriented process, BizFlow®

captures it all, delivering the value of traditional BPM

control, visibility and productivity across

all types of work.

Says Bruce McLeod, CEO of HandySoft Global, “With BizFlow v11 Series, we

truly offer the marketplace a BPM Suite for creating dynamic business

applications. Users can build applications for rapid modification and

execution, variable conditions, and short-lived situational needs. They

can also conceptualize process information for real-time executive

monitoring and decision-making. Today hundreds of customers around the

world use BizFlow for their dynamic business applications in government,

financial services, manufacturing, and other markets. BizFlow is an

exceptional solution platform. We truly believe it to be the best BPM

Suite enabling business automation across all types of tasks and


About HandySoft Global Corp.

HandySoft Global Corporation is the leading global provider of Business

Process Management software and solutions known as BizFlow®.

We are the first in the industry to seamlessly integrate and automate

both ad-hoc tasks and structured processes to drive visibility, control

and productivity across all work that happens within an organization.

For more information call +1-703-645-4500, email [email protected]

or visit

HandySoft, the HandySoft logo, OfficeEngine, BizFlow and BizFlow

Accelerator Suites are trademarks of HandySoft Global Corp. All other

trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

HandySoft Global Corp.
Garth Knudson, 703-645-4500

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