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Haledco.com – The Premier Choice for Lighting Projects with HALEDCO LED Lights

Hanoi, Vietnam – February 28, 2024 – HALEDCO LED lights have become a familiar name for those interested in energy-efficient lighting technology. With years of experience in the lighting industry, HALEDCO has continuously researched and applied new technologies to develop energy-saving LED lighting (Đèn LED) products that are environmentally friendly. With internationally standardized quality, modern design, and reasonable prices, HALEDCO LED lights are indeed a wise choice for all projects.

The Diversity and Quality of LED Products

With hundreds of diverse models, HALEDCO’s LED lights (các loại đèn LED) cater to a wide range of lighting needs in daily life:

Industrial lighting: Warehouse lights, project floodlights, explosion-proof LED floodlights… with powerful brightness, high durability, ideal for factories, warehouses, ports, airports…
Traffic lighting: LED street lights, traffic lights, traffic signal lights, light poles… with specialized design, long lifespan, optimized operation cost for urban lighting systems.
Interior and exterior decoration lights: Ceiling lights, table lamps, picture lights, garden lights, solar energy lights, tree spotlights, LED strip lights, recessed ground lights, track lights, wall washers… creating sparkling, elegant spaces for living.
Other types of LED lights: Panel lights, Downlights… serving various purposes.


HALEDCO LED Lighting Company

All LED products are CE and RoHS safety certified. With modern manufacturing technology and a team of experienced engineers, HALEDCO proudly brings high-quality LED products, meeting strict standards for lifespan, lighting efficiency, and energy-saving capabilities.

Applications and Benefits of HALEDCO LED Lights

With outstanding advantages in energy saving, long lifespan, and durability, HALEDCO LED lights are widely used in various fields. Using LED lights (đèn LED chiếu sáng), lighting systems for schools, hospitals, companies, factories, public spaces… can save a significant amount of electricity costs compared to traditional lights. Moreover, the white, sharp light of HALEDCO LED lights also contributes to enhancing work and study efficiency.

Commitment to Quality and Performance of LED Lights

HALEDCO commits to providing customers with superior quality, reliable LED products (đèn LED chính hãng).

All genuine HALEDCO LED products meet international standards for durability, lifespan, and energy savings. HALEDCO uses advanced manufacturing technology and components from leading global brands to create LED products that offer the most optimal lighting efficiency for customers. A team of skilled engineers and technicians is always ready to support with consultation, installation, and after-sales product warranty. With established experience and reputation, HALEDCO confidently stands as a wise choice for all customers.

In particular, all HALEDCO LED products have a high lifespan ranging from 50,000 to 65,000 hours. The products are warranted for 2 years from the date of purchase. With established experience and reputation, HALEDCO confidently stands as a wise choice for all customers.

About Haledco.com


Haledco.com is the official website of HALEDCO, Vietnam’s leading LED manufacturing and distribution company. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface, https://haledco.com/den-led provides customers with a seamless experience in searching and purchasing high-class LED products.

Additionally, Haledco.com also provides useful information about LED technology and the benefits of using HALEDCO LED lights (Đèn LED HALEDCO). Especially, customers can easily order LED products online or receive detailed consultation and quotations via hotline. Haledco.com promises to be a reliable companion, offering enjoyable shopping experiences along with smart LED products from HALEDCO.

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Company Name: HALEDCO – LED Lights HALEDCO
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: 02437 918 122
Address:3D2 KDT, Cau Dien Bac Tu Liem
City: Hanoi
Country: Vietnam
Website: https://haledco.com/den-led


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