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HeizenUndMehr Forges New Innovative Path for Heating Tech with Latest Product Releases

Making significant strides with its diverse range of modern, energy-efficient heating systems, HeizenUndMehr stands out as a leading provider specializing in high-quality heating technology. Catering to both private and business customers, the company is committed to delivering responsible and ingenious solutions with a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

HeizenUndMehr possesses a dedicated and experienced team that provides individualized advice to help customers find the perfect heating solution. With an extensive inventory featuring over 15,000 items, the company ensures a continuous supply, allowing customers to order the entire product range according to manufacturer catalogs.

Product highlights include:

Heating: Featuring cylinder heating, heat pumps, solar heating, solar pumps, heating elements, and more.
Installation: Presenting products like aquastop, water filters, distributors, filling and emptying solutions, gutters, and downpipes.
Ventilation: Providing central ventilation single devices for optimal indoor air quality.
Sanitary Plumbing: A comprehensive range including bad armature, kitchen faucets, shower heads, shower channels, and wall WC

Shop top of the line heating products.

The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its comprehensive warranty coverage and reliable maintenance services for secured devices. Customers benefit from expert advice from specialists at all times to optimize the use of equipment. HeizenUndMehr ensures that supplied equipment comes equipped with all necessary consumables and spare parts for easy and stress-free operation.

HeizenUndMehr’s team consists of highly qualified experts with extensive experience in the planning and operation of engineering systems. Continuous investment in professional development, including internships, exhibitions, seminars, and facility visits, ensures that the team remains at the cutting edge to provide first-class solutions to customers.

Setting standards with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, HeizenUndMehr provides top of the line equipment and materials from renowned European manufacturers. The commitment extends to staying at the forefront of advancements in boilers, heating technologies, water supply, water treatment, and automatic comfort systems. This ensures that customers benefit from cutting-edge solutions and stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the heating industry.

Maintaining successful collaborations with renowned design organizations, architectural workshops, and construction companies, HeizenUndMehr prioritizes building a strong dealer network. Partners receive comprehensive support, including tailored training and high-quality advertising and informational materials. A useful discount system and preferred delivery conditions create an attractive environment for partners.

The company welcomes fruitful partnerships with entrepreneurs and professionals in the construction industry, aiming to co-create success stories together.

HeizenUndMehr’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction solidifies its position as a leader in the high-quality heating technology sector. As the company continues to forge ahead, it remains dedicated to shaping the future of heating solutions and building lasting partnerships.


Media Contact
Company Name: Jan Schirmer GmbH Sanitär * Heizung * Solar
Contact Person: Manfred Schirmer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +4932212243895
Address: Wilhelmstr. 7 16230 Britz
Country: Germany
Website: https://heizenundmehr.de/


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