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My husband and I graduated in 2013, he’s a Barber and I’m a Nail Technician. We love meeting new people and helping them distress by allowing them to open up and tell us about their life and how great or  miserable their day at work  was. Some people are just looking to connect with someone and have a friend even if it’s just for a little while. In this industry we see it and hear it all and i love being part of it. I love being the ear that everyone needs. unfortunately for my husband and I, we have struggled to provide for our family straight out of school. We couldn’t find steady work and every time we thought we had everything figured out we would just fall straight to the floor again.
We have done a few nails and cutting hair here and their but nothing that we can honestly do out of our home especially with 4 kids running around, not being able to attract people for services, random people always dropping by at their convenience and asking if we can do it for free.
The goal here is to raise the founds to build a mobile salon so our clients have more space and privacy to talk about anything they have on their minds, we want to offer genuine professional services as if they were at a salon down the street but only this ones on wheels 🙂 I want to also start educational classes in regards to nail art and have nail technicians and the public attend classes and experience the fun of what we as nail technicians do for a living and build a regular client base to start supporting my family moving forward.
Most of the money will be going to supplies and equipment. The rest will be going towards the repairs and to transform the trailer i purchased with the few nail sets i did in the last year. We  have already gutted out the interior of the used trailer with the help of my amazing husband. I will be using the founds to also pay anyone that we contract to help us, such as the wiring of the trailer and all the material needed to start the process of renovating the mobile salon and licensing the business. Any money left over will be used for extra expenses.
This would be a great small business opportunity for our family to start making ends meet and making a dream become a reality ,with high hopes of expanding in the future.
From my family to you,  we thank you for your support and hope we can count on you to make this happen sooner than later.
Thank you.