Help Bring Home a Diabetic Alert Anxiety Aid Dog for Tori YouCaring Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Since the age of four I’ve been a type one diabetic. Juvenile diabetes, as most know it, is a rough disease to have. Between the high and low blood sugars, they can take a toll on my body physically and emotionally. Along with my diabetes, I have severe anxiety that only seems to be growing worse as the years go by. These issues have caused me to have numerous anxiety attacks, unpredictable days, and even forced me to quit a job for my own health. While I haven’t and won’t let this stop me, I’ve found through research that a service dog can help me not only monitor my sugar levels, but also help ease my anxiety in times of high stress.

With this fundraising campaign, I hope to raise the funds to cover the cost of the dog, their training, and getting the essentials set up for them. Your time and your money are of the utmost importance, so I all I ask is for the smallest amount of help, even if it’s $1. Any amount helps me towards this goal towards a little more comfort in public and freedom to relax knowing I’ll have someone by my side to keep me on track.

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