—- MISSING INFO — When I’m back on my feet again

In January I injured myself at work and have been in and out of doctors offices since.

Since then, I was fired from my position and have sold anything and everything of value to survive and have had a little help along the way.

I raised four children alone and still haven’t received child support for them and all are gone and grown except for Annie, my youngest of four, the reasons I breathe and worked very hard to take care of them the best I could.

This accident has made it impossible to stand, sit or walk for more than a few minutes and depressing to say the least as I have always worked over 80 hour work weeks.

I am not asking for much but my car won’t make it to all doc appointments and needs a radiator and windshield.

I’ve been putting antifreeze in it every time we have to go anywhere costing around 8.00 a trip.

I have no income right now and am waiting for disability to be approved and who knows who long this will take.

In my doctor visits they found a tumor in my ear and have been referred to an ENT to have it looked at.
Doctor said it is the tip of the iceberg.

I also have to have spine surgery.

The worst they’ve seen from what they said. My L5 is completely out of my spine and it needs to be removed along with a portion of my spine.

The surgery is going to be scheduled as soon as I find out whether or not the tumor needs to be removed and if it’s more emergent.

I am living in a home doing the best I can to earn the 400.00 a month rent plus utilities by my daughter and I doing miscellaneous arts and crafts and cooking to earn to try to make ends meet.

We do not live above our means.

I would like to fix my car, but my daughter clothing for school, she’s grown out of everything with the exception of a few items.

I also want to see my other children and take a road trip before my surgery because I do not know if it will be successful due to other issues I have going on as well.

I have been the sole provider for my beautiful family for years now and this has truly been hard for me especially asking for help.

I have called everyone who I have helped over the years.

Some who owe me thousands and yet no answer.

We also receive 350.00 in food stamps and it is impossible to eat healthy for two people on this amount.

I pray there is someone out there that can help me to get through this until disability kicks in which I understand can take years.

I applied months ago and am still waiting.

I have been praying for a miracle.

I want to wake up and be able to move again and do normal things.

My neurosurgeon said it was a miracle I could even sit in his office or control my bladder based on the MRI images.

I know God is good and he has been carrying me thus far.

Thank you for reading this and if you cannot help me at least please pray for us.

God blessing you all!

Please Support