Help El get her Autism Service Dog

l is 6 yrs. old with Autism. She needs a service dog to help keep her safe and deal with the world. With all her therapies I already pay for I need help raising the funds. I’m a devoted single parent and asking for help isn’t easy for me. I’ve always been able to do it all myself. But I will do anything to help my little one. El is a happy girl who loves music, animals, her sisters, and art. She’s never met an animal she won’t hug. She and her twin are quite busy little ones.
She wonders off (or as the doctors say elopes), has no sense of danger, lacks communication skills, and many other typical autism traits. The are many things a service dog will help El with. But the biggest thing is helping to keep her safe!

How an Autism Service Dog can help EL:
She runs – the service dog would help keep her from doing that.
She has poor emotional control – the service dog has been proven to help calm an autistic child
She will and has run right into to the street regardless of traffic – a service dog can keep that from happening
She’s gotten too big to sit in a cart at the grocery store – a service dog will be by her side without mom worried that she will wonder off
Her world will expand as she will be able to go more places without fear of her running off and being in danger
This list goes on, but that is a good start.

Her FB page is

We will be using Ry-Con Briard for her Service Dog.

If you can donate anything at all we would appreciate it. Even a dollar will help . Thank you and God Bless !