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Hello, we’re the Knight’s and our family is in desperate need. I’ve been disabled for about 15 years but up until a year ago my mobility has gotten worse than it’s ever been before.

We desperately need to move into a single level home, so I can get around the house easier. I use oxygen and I’m not able to climb stairs anymore due to long-term weight struggles, a fall and torn ACL and Lateral Meniscus. My knees give out quite often.

I’ve been approved for a power chair but I can’t get it while living in the house we’re renting. (Insurance won’t pay for it until we’re in a single level home/apartment that’s wheelchair accessible) It will also allow me to get out of the house and do things on my own or as a family & attend school functions with our children. Our current landlord is not willing to make changes to the home such as heavy duty safety shower bars, because I’ve fallen several times in the shower. Widening the doorway to accommodate a power chair and ramp.

My husband Marvin Knight is a hard working truck driver, he rarely makes it home, he tries to get as many miles as possible and we just don’t have the money for gas for him to get back and forth from his job that’s over 100 miles round trip. So he sleeps in his truck most of the time. Our monthly income has dropped significantly. My daughter and I haven’t received an SSI payment in over 6 months because social security bases payments on my husband’s income. (if your spouse makes $2,000 a month you can’t receive an SSI payment despite being disabled)

Our rent is 775.00, we pay electric, water, car note, prescription and medical insurance, groceries, phone service and still have to get household and school items. Those are just the most important bills. Losing this income ($1,500+) has made it hard to stay on top of our bills and care for our 2 children.

We’re falling behind daily. We’ve tried applying for government assistance and we don’t qualify for any of the programs. I have private duty nursing Mon – Friday and on the weekends our 14yr.old daughter helps around the house. She’s amazing and I’m so thankful for her. I’ve hidden behind the shame and embarrassment for too long.

It’s devastating allowing people in on such a personal situation like ours but we’re fighting here, for our family and for myself. We understand that lots of people are struggling right now so If you’re unable to make a donation please send a prayer out for our family and share our campaign.

Thank you so much!

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