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Please Help Holly Walk Again

I need to raise funds for Holly Berry my 8 year old Staffie who needs months of hydrotherapy and continuing physiotherapy for months to come to learn how to walk again after a vicious attack by another dog. This will be a life saver for her and me.

Holly was an extremely bouncy and active girl who loved everyone and knew no strangers. Loving people and showing so much love by jumping and cuddling everyone, she was loved by everyone she met bringing joy to their lives. Then one day when our Hermes delivery man came to pick up a return, Holly wiggled up to him she was so happy and then turned to see another man. She didn’t notice his dog she just walked up wiggling her whole body expecting more love, instead the man’s long hair Jack Russell attacked her. I came as fast as I could by this time Holly was on her back hoping for the attack to stop, I managed to get her up and she ran into the house and fell over. She couldn’t move! She was lame. Paralysed. I rushed her to the vet via a taxi she didn’t seem to be in pain but she could not move a muscle. The vet spoke with a neurologist and we spent hours at the hospital and then was sent home with a wait and see attitude from her lifelong vet.

The next day we returned to the vets for more evaluations, they said it could be a slipped disc or a blood clot. The paralisis seemed to travel so a clot was suspected but she needed an emergency MRI. On day three we went to the vet again for more test, and a referral, but this time Holly had pain but had regained the use of her back legs, but still could not walk or sit up but was eating and drinking water. The vet gave her several shots and take home pain meds including Gabapentin that I take for nerve pain and is heavy duty stuff so I was taken aback by that to say the least but willing to try anything as Holly had been sleeping in my arms and I was not sleeping at all. She had not gone wee or number 2 but had anal leaking which worried the vet.

On day 5, monday we went back. We lost her father (my husband Reg) in march so when the vet we trusted was trying to get me to put her down, I lost it and started sobbing. I didn’t want to upset Holly so I left the room. Staffies live to 14-16 years, she was still a pup and I said there is no way I would consider this at this stage. Holly is a lean long legged Staffordshire Terrier and not overweight she weighs 18.5KG. She wasn’t losing weight, she was coming back being happy and wagging her tail.

I feed her by hand and use syringes for water, she will on occasion drink from a cup.

We were referred to a neurosurgeon that was really costly so I spoke to a horse training friend who recommended Willows vet hospital in Birmingham whom is the best and will work out a payment schedule. We went to the vets office daily until we could book our meeting in Birmingham. Last tuesday we traveled for 2 hours to Birmy and the neurosurgeon gave us hope for the first time. He said she had a Spinal Stroke and is extremely inflamed and that she now has arthritis in her leg joints and would need hydrotherapy with a water treadmill to learn to walk again, we have our first appointment this coming Friday in Doncaster. He also said he was 95% sure that this was the cause and she would recoup 50-70% of her mobility back but most likely will not run again. I have been paying out of pocket because our insurance only covers £2,000 per incident and that was gobbled up pretty fast.

Holly looks like a foal trying to stand for the first time falling over. She gets rug burn on her chest and tummy. She cannot straighten her front paws or use her front legs, she has no strength in them she keeps scraping her lip and face planting herself when she tries to walk. I am in tears all the time watching he struggle but try not to let her see it.

We are both depressed even though she loves having company come to see her, getting her snacks and has a good appetite. She is starting eat and drink on her own now and is happy most of the time. She still sleeps a lot and is embarrassed when she tries to walk.

Holly has to have hydrotherapy daily in Doncaster, Physiotherapy and muscle stimulation or tens and although she has minor movement in her front legs and more strength in her back ones she is still paralysed in her front paws and not walking. They therapy isn’t cheap ad we need all the help we can get. I am still holding out hope she will gain strength in her legs and walk to some extent 50% would be great 70% a miracle. I am trying to stay positive for her, as she is normally


a cheeky loving lady and I see a bit of that from day to day. I can only hope she is pain free, and I love her very much and show her that as much as possible, she is my baby girl and I pray for the day when she can at least go on walks on the beach as she adores it and maybe even be chased by waves again.

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