Friends and Family, and Other Donors

As some of you know, I have been diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer (cancer of the esophagus), which was caused by the acid reflux I have had my entire life.  I have completed chemotherapy and radiation.  Right now, it’s a wait and see situation as my doctors monitor my blood and other levels.  Unfortunately, esophageal cancer is very dangerous and has a high rate of reoccurrence.

About three years ago, my best friend Albert Stanislaus, Jr. (who most of you knew as Hollywood or HDUB) passed away suddenly.  He and I did everything together and, since his sudden passing, it’s fair to say that things have been tough.  I know that he and the Lord are working hard to take care of me through this struggle.  HDUB is buried at Forest Lawn and it has been my wish to be buried near him.  So, after the cancer diagnosis, I bought one of the last spots near HDUB so I could be near him in death like I was when he was alive too.  I was lucky to be able to get this spot and I think that HDUB really was looking out for me when the spot opened up near him.

The reason for this GoFundMe is to help offset the costs of the cancer treatment and the cost of the spot at Forest Lawn.  I had to take out a loan for the spot at Forest Lawn and, since the chemo, I have been unable to work.  Most people wait and do this kind of a thing after they are gone, but I don’t want my mom to be overwhelmed with the cost of my burial services so I wanted to get this out there now.

I am going to donate 100% of whatever we can raise above my funeral expenses and have it all donated to cancer research for kids at St. Jude.  Obviously, I am praying and doing everything I can to make sure that I can beat this cancer diagnosis, but I love my mom a lot and I am really worried about her if something happens to me as the costs would be overwhelming.

Anything you can donate to this now would be really appreciated.  Thanks everyone for your support and keeping me in your prayers.