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Hi, I am Abhishek, from Kolkata, India.
I am 31 years old and a small scale businessman. Till 2016 I was doing fine. I got a place of my own and a shop of my own. In this process I put in all my savings and took loan for the rest. And got my property mortgaged. Right after that the financial turmoil started in my country. And my business started getting effected badly. To save my business and my family expenses I took few personal loans and also maxed out my credit cards. I did everything possible to get out of the loss but failed. The EMIs started eating away my profits and my capital started diminishing. After a whole year I stand at a place where all my business capital is destroyed. My credit cards maxed out and I am behind on my mortgage payments. I tried contacting several banks for credit restructuring but received no help from anywhere. I have a family, my parents are old. They need constant treatment and medicines, my elder brother is a patient of Cerebral Palsy. My wife is undergoing gynecological treatment. All these heap of expenses along with the mortgage payments have completely tackled me to the ground and left me with no way out. I am on the verge of loosing my house and be left stranded with my parents and my handicapped brother. I even get threats for legal proceedings against me and fear being jailed. If any of these happen. My family will not survive.
I earnestly request to help get me out of debt. As I am in such a situation that I have no money even to invest in my business and earn. Even the company’s I work with have withdrawn my line of credit. And whatever little I earn is getting spent either in loan interest or to feed my family.
I am in a very acute situation.
Help of any kind will be accepted. Be it a grant or a low interest loan. I need to get out of this grave situation to get up on my feet. Every word I speak is true. I can verify each and every detail.
Please help me. For my family’s sake. For my sake, if I fail to help my family that depend on me I will not be able to live with myself. Help me Clear out my Debts.
You are my Hope for help.
If it is in your power, find me a way out of this painful situation.

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