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I work in a high stress retail environment. I have been doing a lot of research and have found a way to break away and start my own business. Currently, every dollar I make barley pays the bills and I normally have to borrow money between paychecks just to keep gas in the car. If I can raise the $2,000 I need, I will use $1,000 to buy the programs I need for automating and the other $1,000 for advertising to get rolling. From what I understand I could be turning a profit within 48 hours after I start. But it has been impossible to save any money to start. The support of people like you will enable me to break free of the retail stress and start making a real living, not just survival. I have nothing I can promise. I have nothing I can give back. I would, however, be willing to donate a good portion of any profit after the first 6 months to charities suggested by you, the donors. I think the best way I could thank you for your donations and support is pay it forward by using any success to help others that need it. I am not someone who normally ask for help. But I have been struggling for over a year trying to scrape by and it’s getting harder. So here I am. Asking for help. I ask you, the people of the internet. Will you help me? If so, thank you beyond measure.

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/f/bjyq6-help-me-start-my-own-business

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