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I want my mother to see me bloom. 2019 definitely hasn’t started off as the best year for some of us. On December 18th of 2018, my mother, Michelle Warner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My mother is the rock of my home. She holds all of us together, and somehow seems to pick us up when things fall apart. To lose your rock has to be the hardest thing a person can face, and I can’t imagine it.

My mother has health insurance through the county, it’s income based and for the most part has very minimal coverage, upon finding out about the cancer she quickly tried to get it taken care of. Due to some complications with her insurance she had to wait a few weeks to even be seen. Only to to find out that nothing is being covered. She was seen by the oncologist who referred her to a specialist, again only to be told that none of it was getting covered. She doesn’t work, and has very little to almost no income. The treatment and surgery she needs have to happen so things don’t get worse. She’s been denied by social security a few times, she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid/Medicare. We’ve reached out to a few resources but because she doesn’t have Medicare she gets no help and won’t qualify for much.

I hope to see my mom beat this, she’s too strong of a woman to be beat by something that is fixable! I need my mom to see me grow. Anything helps, even tips or suggestions if you know someone who’s been in a similar situation. Thank you.

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