Blackmailed with sex tape by Bishop Life changing help Viral Exposure Booster

My name is Andre’a Garrison . Some of you may know me or heard my story others may not. I am a young woman who was dating a Bishop out of Ohio . This Bishop had dated me for 8 years on and off and got engaged on me two weeks prior to me being due to relocate myself and my children . The story broke on Social media and spread like wild fire to almost all media outlets . This bishop wanted me to change my story and say I lied (which I didn’t ) , when I refused he had someone blackmail me with a sex tape he had created of us. I was not aware of this sex tape being made . I found out later on down the line through the police that he had paid someone , that I thought was my friend to send me the letter . Well I pressed charges for the film and the blackmail . Ohio is a one party state so as long as he or I knew about the tape it’s considered legal . That a law we MUST change. The bishop also has convinced the other guy to take the charges so that he can be clean of any accountability! The bishops head bishop refuses to remove him and he just continues to ruin lives ! Twenty women and a few men came forward about their sexual encounters and abuse of this man! I made it to Grand Jury and they are going to charge the wrong man . I retained a lawyer to help me make sure that the RIGHT man is indicted ! That lawyer is VERY expensive ! He is requiring $3750 to retain him. That pays for just TEN hours of his services. He going to represent me at a discounted rate of $375/hr . I would never normally ask for any help but I’m already paying two other lawyers for my civil suits against him . I just want what’s right . This man violates my right to privacy he violated my trust and then tried to take my voice and dignity , all because he refused to be accountable for his wrong . PLEASE help me get justice for this crime . I need BOTH men to face the grand jury! Any help is appreciated and I thank you in advance !

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