Help Robert Bragg Cancer Neuropathy Spinal Stenosis GoFundME Campaign

I am on disability and I am Needing help with medical expenses, travel expenses to and from hospital!

I also need help to finish paying for my mothers funeral and burial!

My wife and I are disabled and need help before we lose our house and everything elsewhere I worked for !

Hello my name is Robert Bragg.   This go fund me was and is my last resort!

I’m a husband , father , grandfather ,I love life but I can’t enjoy it because of my current condition !
In March I found out I had stage 4 colon cancer . In September I got a intestinal infection caused by Chemo medication , While I was in the hospital for the infection I had a heart attack, one of My veins on left side of my heart was 100% blocked.

Then my heart Doctor put me on a heart medication and it almost put me back in the hospital, but he changed my heart medication and now I’m feeling somewhat better!

I’m in need for help for medical, travel, living , burial money for my mother, I’m about to lose everything that I have worked for !

I found now I have spinal stenosis, neuropathy in both my hands and feet.
I will probably have to file bankruptcy!
I now have a hernia in my stomach .
My wife is disabled without pay ,she can not work to help out on our bills ! I probably will lose everything I have work so hard for !

Thank you in advance
God Bless

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