Help Torrin Get His Chemotherapy

Hi! I’m Torrin, a nearly 12 year old Golden Retriever, (or so my owner tells me, I swear I’m only two!). I’ve been many things in my life: tennis ball wrangler, professional snoozer, customs officer of any bags coming into the house, registered canine blood donor, and unofficial therapist and rock for my owner. She adopted me as a 6 month old lanky teen, the last of my litter to be given a home and we’ve been together ever since!

But now I’m also a cancer patient. The vet tells me I have metastatic cancer in my lymph nodes and need chemotherapy to prolong my life and keep me chasing balls like the happy pooch I am, but the treatment is expensive. I need at least six sessions at the vet’s over the next four months followed by smaller doses at home that my owners can give me. The sessions at the vet’s mean a 24h sleepover, plus blood tests to make sure my white blood cell count doesn’t drop too far and regular ultrasounds to monitor the progress of my cancer.

It’s been caught early and while I’m still bouncing around like a puppy now, this kind of cancer can spread quickly throughout my body, so I’ll need to start my treatment as quickly as I can to give me the best chance at still being around to support my family with another year or two of snuggles, kisses, and tennis ball chasing.

Any help you can offer us will be gratefully received with many tail wags and thankful woofs!

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