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I met Samuel (50 yrs old)over a year ago when he and his family moved next door. He was a homemaker taking care of his mother who had several failing illnesses. She recently passed away Sept. 18th. Since passing away, Samuel has been served with an eviction unless he can pay three months of rent with late fees for each month and the court cost for the eviction. He also has had no utilities for three months. Samuel will have to vacate the premises if not paid and will have nowhere to live. He is currently trying to work odd jobs but being a small rural area, unemployment rate is high and it is hard, especially without a vehicle and not making enough to pay off the expenses. The resources here is hard to get the assistance needed and there is not much funding here. He still has medical expenses from his mother, no vehicle to get around for jobs and the bus system stops operating here at 6 pm.

Samuel needs help with being able to keep the place to live or a down payment and first month’s rent on a place to live, food, miscellaneous items, and a vehicle.

Samuel is a great person with a big heart and will help anyone he can and now needs help himself. Please help with any amount possible to save a person from becoming homeless and having a chance to start life over.