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Thank you for taking the time to read how your help will facilitate our combined causes.  First and foremost we want to recognize and keep Bob Calvert in our prayers due to his current situation.

Bob is battling stage 4 cancer and even though he is waging his war health as well as financially, it has not deterred him from telling the stories of Veterans and Military member’s struggles as well as achievements.

A true trailblazer and civilian advocate for the voice of those suffering in silence, Bob has highlighted those service members’ great strides in their prosperity after service for our country.  Will Terry CEO of Terry J Incorporated, a USAF disabled Veteran now Event promoter, has teamed up with Bob to help “Talking with Heroes” and “Thank you for Your Service” to have a live platform to showcase their purpose during our 2019 24 city music tour.

Terry, a University of Delaware grad is coming from humble beginnings as an inner city kid from Harlem that loves music. Joined the Military right after high school and Served in multiple Combat campaigns, Sierra Leon Crisis, Kosovo Bosnia, Operation Southern Watch, and the first team sent in support of Operation Enduring Freedom September 17th 2001. After sustaining injuries during different tours during after and after above Terry decided to request release from stop loss which extended his active duty enlistment 2 more years.

Terry felt that if he couldn’t be 100% during deployments and given the option to choose a desk duty position or start a new career, starting a new career was the best for him.  Spending 13 Years working in mental health 7 of those years working with Veterans and different Veteran programs help Terry understand his own struggle with PTSD. Terry decided to go back to what he loved doing since he was 14, promoting events, event DJ, and performing. Now small business owner and philanthropist, Terry is using his years of experience and passions to do what he loves and continue to help Veterans in the process.

We will use the funding to assist Bob in his current situation so that he can continue doing the great work he does as a non-profit and assist with the concerts for our combined tour. Also this funding will cover some initial cost to help with Arena fees associated with the first concert and assist with funding Bob’s efforts to film this historic event.

Talking with heroes, as you heard in the video, along with T J Inc.’s “Vortex Music Tour” are collaborating to bring music to the troops serving around the world. Through a 24 city tour both organizations will team up and produce the following below:

Live concerts featuring artists and bands from Hip hop to Punk Rock.

Opportunities for local talent in each city to showcase their talent.

Each Venue will offer live streaming of each concert in each city around the world for a small fee but will be offered free to the women and men serving our country at as all areas we are allowed. Also offering a world tour to the artist without fully traveling the world and give them global exposure

Opportunities to showcase Programs, Benefits, and Universities that are available as well as support Veterans/Military members in each of the city on the tour.

As a disabled Veteran, father, husband, small business owner, college graduate, and kid that came from the inner city of NYC, it’s been a passion to promote good music, events, and support philanthropic causes. To give opportunities to those that would otherwise not get the exposure that big names get but share the same talent if not star power.  This means a lot to both Bob and I to have this great opportunity to put both on display this coming February 2019 at the University of Delaware Bob Carpenter Center Arena.

So if you want to support our cause, want to be an advertising sponsor, or just believe in what we are doing. We will be more than grateful for your partnership. And yes we say partnership because with your generosity this collaboration and tour will become possible.

Non Profit with an Expanded Mission! talkingwithheroes/en talkwithheroes/
Email: [email protected]

William Terry
Email: [email protected]  on instagram

Plus filming to which will be available on upload to those in different timezones.

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