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Highly Efficient, Compact and Expandable Plate Heat Exchangers by WCR Incorporated, a Feature of “Industry Today” on, an Industrial Info News Alert


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2008-03-31 02:00:00

Highly Efficient, Compact and Expandable Plate Heat Exchangers by WCR Incorporated, a Feature of “Industry Today” on, an Industrial Info News Alert

SUGAR LAND, TX–( EMWNews – March 31, 2008) – Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land,

Texas) will host WCR

Incorporated (Dayton, Ohio) as its special guest on

Radio on Monday, March 31, 2008, as part of the weekly online broadcast of

“Industry Today.” WCR is a leading provider of new plate heat exchangers

and replacement plates and gaskets for most any brand exchanger offering

reliable, efficient heat exchangers that can easily be maintained and


The unique pressed pattern of WCR’s heat exchanger plates and narrow gaps

help achieve maximum efficiency and very high heat transfer coefficients.

These efficiencies combined with other unique advantages of WCR heat

exchangers make it possible to install very compact units that require

between 20% and 40% less space then that of a tube and shell heat

exchanger. There are few limits to what WCR can repair, refurbish or design

to your exacting specifications including stainless or titanium heat

exchangers available in sizes from 1/2″ to 12″ ports.

From multiple regional offices across the country, WCR services the global

market with a staff of expert personnel committed to providing technical

support, on-site assistance, service and repair for most any size and style

heat exchanger. Join Jeremy Foley of WCR, along with Crazy Al of “Industry

Today,” to learn more about these highly efficient exchangers and the range

of available replacement plates to fit your every application.

Click Here Monday, March

31, 2008, at 10:30 a.m. (EST), to hear the LIVE broadcast. If you miss the

show, Click

Here to hear this or any of the more than 270 previous “Industry Today”

shows covering topics important to industry spending, including trends,

outlooks, and focus segments on specific industries.

Industrial Info Resources (IIR) is a marketing information service

specializing in industrial process and energy related industries with

products and services ranging from industry news, forecasting, plant and

project databases, as well as multimedia advertising campaign assistance.

For more information send inquiries to

[email protected] or visit us online at

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