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HOPE Charities’ goal is to bring community resources together to be able to provide the help needed to give a hand up to those that need it most.
Our vision is to see a community united regardless of social or economic status.
We are a group of experienced volunteers looking to change the lives of those that seem to be in disadvantage and are in need of basic items like clothing and/or food. But also, we aim to find much needed medical resources, housing, and jobs. Since 2007 we have been working with small groups of people of all backgrounds helping them find HOPE in their lives in order to have a positive view in times of trial. Since then, we have found that not one person has the answers to all issues.
What makes our country exceptional is the fact that united we can overcome any adversity. This starts in our communities.
In September of 2017, three major hurricanes made landfall in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. In the midst of our local efforts, HOPE sprang into action and started to help providing meals and supplies to the areas most affected. We put together meals at a cost of only $.25 each giving us the opportunity to maximize donations while providing over 25,000 meals to Texas in the cities of Houston and Port Arthur.
We then partnered with a small network of volunteers in Puerto Rico and started to buy and prepare meals for police officers, the elderly and the poor.
But as you can imagine much more is needed and that is why we put a goal for the month of October of $10,000. Many will benefit and will receive a sense of normalcy during such trying times.
Up to date, 100% of donations have been towards the relief efforts and that will continue to be our stance as long as our organization receives donations.
Hope Charities is a 501C3 Non-For-Profit organization under the Harmony Vineyard, Inc. umbrella.
HOPE Charities strives to embody the meaning to what it is to “Love Our Neighbor”.

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